Emili Casanova

La onomástica del camino de Santiago
en el área catalano-valenciana

The aim is to analyse the toponymy through which Valencians have supposedly made the pilgrimage to Santiago since the Middle Ages, and to study in particular the traces of the apostle (churches, hospitals, marks, paths). Specifically, the routes from Alicante to Santiago, from Valencià to Santiago – the Levante route – and from Castellón to Santiago; the ancient route also known as the Camino de la Lana from Valencià to Requena – taken by Pedro Juan Villluga in 1546 -, routes which today are used by pilgrims leaving the Valencian Community. And also the roads from the Kingdom of Valencia that penetrated through Catalonia, either via the Via Augusta through Tortosa, the route of the Ebro, or via Montserrat-Igualada, until reaching the French roads of Logroño or Aragon through Huesca.

Emili Casanova, professor, lecturer at the Universitat de València, IP of the subproject Toponymy of the Mediterranean Arc, especially devoted to onomastics, historical grammar and dialectology of Catalan-Valencian.